We love what we do

Bee U Te Full

Ecofriendly, high quality, all natural skincare and cosmetics for an environmentally aware and health conscious generation of consumers. Bee U Te Full range of products by Mila COsmetics is for those who are attuned to a holistic approach to wellness based on mind body soul connection and appreciate how everything in nature is related.


Better Choice

Bee U Te Full all natural skincare is created with a collective shift towards the sustainable use of our resources in mind. It starts by taking individual responsibility for making better lifestyle choices. As Gandhi once said: Be the change you change you want to see in the world. In other words, the choices we make today create our world of tomorrow.

Peace of Mind

We offer free standard shipping across Australia, regardless of the size of your order. Express shipping is also available. International shipping charges apply. For your peace of mind, we offer 30 day money back customer satisfaction guarantee from the date of your purchase, including sale items (digital goods excluded).


And it is all about you!

You are already taking steps in the right direction to live a healthy and fulfilling life. Your days are filled with positivity and potential to reach your optimum wellbeing. Here at Mila Cosmetics we endeavour to assist you in the every step of your daily journey towards wellness by offering holistic products to enhance your natural beauty and compliment your awesomeness.